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Andrew Yang - Spirituality, Asian American Mental Health, Bitcoin + EMDR

Friends of Presence & Practice. I've been following Andrew Yang as someone interested in Mental Health and later found out he was interested in Bitcoin. You can imagine how this was a joyful surprise for me,

The first half I ask Andrew about his experience as a pastor and writing about mental health as an Asian American. The second half i turned the "mic" over to him to ask me a few questions about EMDR.

May you be as blessed as I was by this brother.

NOTE: This is not the Andrew Yang that ran for President. Same name, different person. :)

Andrew Yang :: Mental Health, Spirituality, Bitcoin + EMDR

From Andrew's HEEM writing site - Substack Coaching strength through mental health.  Former pastor and MFT student.  I also love Bitcoin.


Andrew works for Casa


Honor + Shame Culture  

If someone struggles with mental health issues it could potentially bring shame  

Read this post as an excellent piece on the differences between individualistic and collectivistic cultures.  So good! I encourage you to become informed and subscribe to his substack.


What is EMDR? 

Dan Siegel speaks about integration as how we move towards mental health 

Check out Loppnow Relationship Center if you are interested in therapy that integrates faith, spiritual practices, EMDR and an understanding and sensitivity to Asian and other cultures.

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