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Dealing with Disruptions

Today I was inspired during my hike to do a YouTube LIVE stream and simply share some reflections about noticing the divine in ordinary moments of the day. I took time to create this cool graphic (at least I thought so)....

After creating this graphic in I took over an hour to spread the news about the upcoming Presence + Practice YouTube LIVE stream through my "Media Empire" (joke). It is not large, but I do have a few channels.

First, I took some time to write an email to our email list. This email list started with the Immanuel Journaling website. [FYI, I'm moving everything to this site.]

I began sharing on our Presence + Practice Facebook page. I posted here a couple of times even sharing LIVE from FB.

And, I shared across our Instagram platforms. JohnLoppnow / Sungshim / ImmanuelJournaling / PresenceAndPractice I even did a LIVE video on our Instagram minutes before in order to draw people to the LIVE STREAM.

I was ready to press START Live Stream on my previously set up Stream hours before WHEN all of a sudden it wouldn't work. All I saw was my YouTube channel attempting to connect or something, but it wouldn't. I was irritated pretty quickly AND not sure what to do. After about a minute I decided to not use my expensive webcam (logitech HD1080p), unplug it and use my iPhone. When I did this, I had to create another LIVE stream and share it.

When you create a Live Stream on YouTube it takes a snap shot. Check out my face.

What do you think I'm feeling? I'm keeping it because this is documenting my experience learning how to do this.

So grateful for my friends and people who watched. My good buddy, Kee, immediately texted me this......

I really appreciated that. Here is my response in the blue on the right side.

It was this kind of interaction that encourages me to keep going. Thank you my friend. [Press the image above to see the video]

And, someone who viewed the video Live shared this and encouraged me.

My take away is something that Peter Saddington says and he is wise in repeating this.

"There is no failure, there is only feedback."

I am very grateful to only begin to have internalized this state of mind. I did not fail tonight, I gained feedback. And, there is more feedback that I need. I really need to find out what went wrong and what I can do next time (might be my computer speed, RAM, etc).

I close our my thoughts tonight with this from Bob Goff's IG.

Thank you Jesus for being with me in all this!

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