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Eugene Peterson + Bono >>> Honesty in prayer

After re-watching this interview I'm drawn to the honesty that both Bono and Eugene share as they pray through the Psalms. The Psalms are important and they are the prayer book of the Bible. They reveal what is in our hearts and we are invited to share the contents of our heart with our Creator. What an awesome and beautiful experience.

This is the core of who Sungshim and I are and aspire to be. "I am suspicious of Christians when they lack realism about the pain, anger, suffering in their lives (paraphrase). I'd love to see more of that in art and in life and in music. The Psalms reveal an honest heart before the Lord (paraphrase)." - Bono

We couldn't agree more with Bono.

What the interview below. I know you'll be drawn in to pray the psalms more.

Another part of this interview I love is the way Jan Peterson interacts with Bono. Like a mother caring for her child. Such sweetness. Actually, when i think about the fact that Bono lost his mom when he was 14. When I imagine him receiving the maternal care from Jan, brings a tear from within me.

Lets end this post with the end of a concert in my hometown, Chicago.

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