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Fr. Ubald - The Secret of Peace

018 Fr. Ubald takes time to speak with John about his new book and The Center for the Secret of Peace.

This podcast was recorded on July 1, 2020. I was waiting for the right time to post it here. Fr. Ubald came to my heart a few times during the 1st week of January. I found out on Jan 8 that he passed away on Jan 7. I only spoke to him this one time, but I miss him and feel the sadness that he left us. Fr. Ubald lived through the Rwandan Genocide. 80 members of his family and 45,000 members of his congregation were killed. He came back to the country to lead retreats and equip people in forgiveness and reconciliation. I am inspired by him, his presence, and his story. The Center for the Secret of Peace Forgiveness Makes You Free Throughout the book, Fr. Ubald teaches about five spiritual keys that draw us to Christ, the only source of lasting peace:

  • be thankful and have faith

  • choose to forgive

  • denounce evil

  • decide to live for Jesus

  • claim the blessing

Each chapter combines Fr. Ubald’s story with reflection questions that guide readers along their own path of healing: from fear to faith, from shame to freedom, from isolation to reconciliation, from resentment to mercy, and from conflict to peace.

Check out his book here. I listened to the Audiobook. Please share this with others. Remember, you are loved! Loppnow Relationship Center Presence & Practice

You can listen to the podcast here.

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