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Joy Fueled - Catalyzing A Revolution of Joyful Communities [LK10]

010 Episode -- Toni Daniels shares the impact of vibrant families of Jesus and the new book she co-authored.

Take a listen to this podcast. Toni is always so full of joy, fun and laughter.

Joy Fueled - Catalyzing A Revolution of Joyful Communities

Toni Daniels - Training Champion

Toni is passionate about seeing relational restoration in every level of society by awakening, inspiring and training emotional, spiritual ninja warriors.

God-given Design: Toni takes risks and spearheads experiments to find and implement the best pathways to fuel Jesus’ revolution of Joy.


  • Missionary for 18 years Uraguary - Social Entrepreneur / Relational training  

  • Mom of 4 (10-30) / Wife - 26 years  

  • Wrote a book Back To Joy: An Intimate Journey Into Emotional Health and Maturity

  • Part of LK10 Ministries -

The Mission

To start vibrant families of Jesus within reach of every person on the planet.

Our 5 Core Values

In short, Lk10 is characterized by joy-fueled, Jesus-led communities of practice, training spiritual moms and dads to nurture ecosystems of grace. Here’s a closer look at each of these values:


Joy, that feeling you get when you are “glad to be together no matter what” is what fuels and motivates us within LK10 (John 14:10). Instead of living out of shame, guilt, or duty, we take time to connect heart to heart with each other. We also ask God, “how do you feel about being with us?” This question gets at our root motivations and consistently brings relational peace as it reveals God’s deep enjoyment of us fueling us to move into our world full of life and presence. 

[there are 4 more and to see them you'll have to check out their awesome website here.]

Are you burned out? Tired of church as usual? Looking for deeper connection with others and with Jesus?

Then you’re in the right place. Lk10 trains people like you to start Jesus-led, joy-fueled communities. We’re re-imagining church as a simple, organic, and participatory family.

If you are interested in Contemplative Marriage & Family therapy find out more here.

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