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Online release of Documentary film: Forgiveness: The Secret of Peace

Dr. Jim Wilder first introduced me to Fr. Ubald. Jim shared how much he learned about love and loving our enemies from Fr. Ubald. Many of us in the US may not realize how our brains can enter into "enemy mode" (from Jim's newest book - Renovated) with the people we live with and love.

In Fr. Ubald's story, he and his country lived through genocide. This documentary is peacefully powerful. He and his ministry have decided to make it completely free and available to anyone who desires to watch it.

I highly recommend viewing it.

One idea would be to watch it as a small group or family.

See the video here

If you value the documentary, you can sign up for their email list. That is always one way to support a ministry.

I would love to hear your experience. Please comment below and lets start a revolution of peace and love and relational restoration.

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