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Passing the Peace

I'm excited to introduce you to a simple, yet profound, exercise that helps us connect with God, hear from Him, and find peace.

This method was created by Dr. Jim Wilder of and has been proven effective the world over. I love this little booklet. One of my favorites of his writings. Seriously simple to share.

You can the booklet with the full details and illustrations.

You can also download the Peace APP with the steps illustrated and translated in several languages!


Quiet ourselves together with some simple breathing

Detecting something we can genuinely be grateful for. Savor it and notice how your body feels. (If you are able allow it to simmer and savor for 60 to 180 seconds).

Ask the Presence of Peace what Peace wants us to know at this moment?

Share it with a couple of friends.

Here is a little bit about Sungshim and our ministry together. Presence + Practice We provide practices that enable you to stay connected to the Presence of God. Integrating neuroscience and spiritual formation practices. Lately we’ve been sharing the power of breath prayers.

This little booklet is short, sweet and to the point. And, I find it very fruitful.

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