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Relationship Is Key

We become like the person we are most attached to.

Think about this, who are you most attached to?

This is likely the most important question you can ask yourself because you will become like that person over time.

Immanuel Journaling is one tool, one simple way, that can help us attach to Jesus.  To learn how to be bonded to Immanuel in a way that we begin to recognize that God is actually glad to be with us.  He likes us and this attached relationship forms us.

How are you arranging your life in such a way that the fruit flows from a bonded relationship with the gentle presence of God in Immanuel?

[Please watch the video below that inspired these reflections]

I am grateful for Sue who shared with me that this link (originally on the IJ site) was in Amy Brown's curriculum. Thank God for community and the wayback machine.

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