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The Other Half Of Church with Jim Wilder + Michel Hendricks

John Loppnow invites Jim Wilder and Michel Hendricks to discuss the amazing ideas in their new book THE OTHER HALF OF CHURCH: Christian Community, Brain Science, and Overcoming Spiritual Stagnation.

I encourage you to consider buying the book here or here

Topics covered include

* Half-Brained Christianity

* How do people grow?

The 4 Soils

* JOY: The face of Jesus that transforms

* Hesed: Our relational glue

* Group Identity: What kind of people are we?

* Healthy Correction: Stop being so nice

We also discuss the important role of a true elder in the body of Christ (Bob Howie) and how he instigated the formation of this book. Hear the stories and learn how our character transforms. Shout out to Bob Howey for being an elder who creates these connections.

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