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Who in the world is Mabel F. Woodside?

Mabel F Woodside was Dallas Willard's teacher in High School.  She saw potential in Dallas.
Becoming Dallas Willard

Mabel F. Woodside caught my attention. You know why? Because I never heard of her. But, I've heard of Dallas Willard. Here is a woman who made a big difference in a difference maker. So, who is more "valuable"? Both, right? But, that isn't how we really think in our hearts.

In the course of our lives we do not know who will will be. We can only regulate who we are in this very moment. We cannot control the outcome of our lives, at best, we can manage ourselves in this moment. That is our highest calling.

I notice in myself and in others, the desire to be the next "Dallas Willard" or "Christine Caine" or "Andy Stanley" or "Constance Wu." That is not within our control. What if in the faithful following of Jesus in this moment we are someone like Mabel F. Woodside?

Can we define success as staying attuned to Christ through trust in his goodness and being faithful in this moment? And, allow the Holy Spirit to take care of the results?

Notice who you want to be like?

Check your heart. Check yo self.

Let go.

Be faithful to living in love in the kingdom of God in this moment.

When you are out of tune relationally with Jesus and the people you are with, pause, notice, breath and ask Jesus for help to love the person in front of you.

I'd love to hear your thoughts to create a dialogue.

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