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Changing the world One relationship at a time.

Hello Spiritual Journaling Group

It was wonderful to gather together with you. It is always an honor to hear people's interactions with God.  Thank you for sharing that honor with me.  Please sign up for the IJ Newsletter here to stay connected and learn about new 


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"The best relationships are built on the willingness to stay in the conversation." 

John Loppnow 



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About Us

In 2014 our mentor, Jim Wilder, asked us to write a book about the Immanuel Journaling process.  The book was released in 2015 and we've taught the process across the US and the world.

Now we are launching out into spreading hope by empowering people with relationship skills that integrate scripture and brain science.  it is our desire to see people connect to God so they can live freely and love fully.

[The video below is one we did on knowing your identity.]

                  Ancient Wisdom

God is light, and there is no darkness in him at all.

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We publish the IJ Newsletter to update people to stories of God's goodness breaking into people's lives using IJ and supportive relational practices.  We also share resources and ways we can support each other and collaborate together.  Plus, we desire to give you as much support as we possibly can so that you can attach to Christ Jesus in each moment of your life.  It is in this present moment that you can participate in what God is doing; right here, right now. If you've read this far you are amazing.

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Instead of simply describing life with God, Immanuel Journaling from Joyful Journey leads you step by step in processes that energize that journey. Please read it and take it with you when you leave home!

Jan Johnson